4S: a solemn pause

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Scarf/Shawl/Sock Saturday (or Sunday if I forget to post on Saturday)

I apologize for not posting last weekend. There was a death in the family, so I drove up to Ohio to go to the funeral. I was glad to see family, even though it was for a sad reason. If you wouldn't mind thinking a good thought or saying a prayer for a dear old uncle who lost his devoted wife after 55 years of marriage, I'd appreciate it. It still makes my eyes sting to think of the sight of him struggling to stand up from his wheelchair, putting a shaking, wrinkled hand to his face, and sobbing over my aunt's casket while three of his sons held him up and sobbed with him.

He and his 10 children and my grandmother (his sister) all wore something pink to the funeral. It was my aunt's favorite color.

My grandmother's pink sweater had a stitch pattern that I couldn't take my eyes off of. It occurred to me that I've not knit anything for her yet, so I think the blue-gray shawl I'm working on will go to her for Christmas. (It gets damn cold up in Ohio in the winter - lake effect and all that.) She doesn't read this blog, not being one for using the Internet, so it'll be okay to write about it and post pictures, I think. I'd ask all of my family who do read this blog to keep quiet about it please.

You'll be seeing the shawl inch along because I can't show you the other project I'm working on until the recipient, who does reads this blog, receives it.

I can at least show you one finished project:

I can't seem to get good pictures of this yarn. I've tried it in all kinds of light, and it just doesn't cooperate. It's brighter than it appears in any of the pictures I've attempted to take of it.

This is the wool/soysilk/cotton/chitin blend yarn I mentioned in a previous post. I like the color pattern, although it pools at the top of the instep since I didn't bother to do an afterthought heel, which would have preserved the color progression. S'okay, though. I don't mind it.

For non-knitters, an afterthought heel is just what it sounds like - you knit one row on the back of the sock in a different yarn to mark where the heel would be started, and then you complete the sock in the original yarn. You undo the marker yarn and put the stitches back on the needles to knit the wedge that makes the heel. It's great for striping yarn to keep the stripes from going all wonky when you increase and decrease at the heel. I have some striping yarn, so when I get around to using it, I'll do an afterthought heel and take progress pictures, which might better illustrate the concept.

I'm tempted to start a sweater, but it's still too warm out to have heavier yarn in one's lap, so I'm putting it off until late September at the earliest. I've got the yarn for it already, though, and the pattern. The colorway of the yarn I'm going to use is called Edamame, and it really does look like soybean pod green. It also reminds me of the green horseradish and the avocado you get with sushi, so I've already started to refer to it as my Sushi Sweater.

I'll have some late-for-spring shawl progress for you next week.